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Get on track to becoming a fitter you by buying quality sportswear from Club Sports. We can be found at our convenient location in the local area and we stock the products of several well-known sports brands. From affordable to high end, we’ve got gear for every level. Name a sport and most probably we will stock the relevant sports apparel for it. Our customers love us for our products and services and many come back time and again. Please contact us through our booking form to find out more.

Welcoming atmosphere

Our staff are enthusiastic and warm in approach. When you step into our store, you will be given personalised attention. Our knowledgeable team will help guide you in choosing the right clothes and equipment for your sport. We have different product ranges to suit every budget. We have worked hard to ensure that the layout of our shop makes it easy for you to browse our clothing, accessories or equipment sections. Whatever your sport, drop by and see what we have to offer.

Our sporty staff

Our staff will give you all the help you need so you find the sportswear to suit your needs. We serve you in the best way possible because without you, there is no us. Whether you have purchased online or at the store, we take our customers' request very seriously. Our staff will never recommend a product to you that does not fit your sports needs. We serve you right because we know that you should never settle for less.


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